Consistently Rated among the Top Dental Products

Two Striper® dental diamond burs set the standard for quality and performance more than 40 years ago, and are still among the most highest rated products on the marketplace.


5 Stars
  • TS2000™
  • Diamond Twist SCL™
4 stars
  • TSZTech™
  • MFS® Finishing Diamonds
  • Diamond Twist SCO™
  • Luminescence
  • Compo-Strip®

The Dental Adisor

4.5 stars
  • TS2000™
  • Luminescence
  • Snowpost®
  • Snowlight®
Best Product

Talking Two Striper®

Dr. Stephan Abedi

“They should be called ‘Super’ Striper.”

Dr. Stephan Abedi

I was always used to Brasseler and never wanted to change. Then I tried these new burs and it was amazing. Using my air driven hand-piece felt like using an electric hand-piece with Two Striper®.

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Independent Report, January 2014

Two Striper® brand diamond burs were the highest rated premium [diamond] burs in the most recent performance comparison by an independent non-profit dental education and product testing foundation newsletter. The study compared five premium diamond burs with 13 low-cost diamond burs.

Dr. Robert B. Mongrain, DMD

“Two Striper® brand diamonds have always been my choice for fast and accurate crown and bridge.”

Dr. Robert B. Mongrain, DMD

I like to take advantage of new technology to enhance patient outcomes. [But] one thing that never changes in my practice is my use of Two Striper® diamonds.