Two Striper® General Purpose Burs

Superior diamond dental burs have become synonymous with the Two Striper® name. But they are actually just one of the many easy-to-use, long-lasting dental tools within Abrasive Technology’s robust portfolio of high quality dental products. From disks and trimming wheels to instruments and files, we provide today’s discriminating dental professionals with the superior craftsmanship, reliability and enduring quality they have come to expect from a true industry pioneer.
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Specialty Two Striper®



Truly two diamonds in one, the unique design of the TS2000™ saves time and money by simultaneously performing rapid gross reduction and creating a finished margin without changing instruments.



The proprietary diamond grit of TSZtech™ diamonds is specially designed to cut quickly and safely through today's new generation of tougher ceramic materials, including Lithium Disilicate and Zirconia crowns.

Laboratory Diamonds


Trims models faster, runs quieter and is substantially longer lasting than traditional wheels. Patterned for aggressive, yet cool cutting. It is lightweight, durable and perfectly balanced for concentric operation.


Designed for carving ceramic and composite materials. Thin-Flex® discs are excellent for contouring and shaping all surfaces including embrasures. Thin-Flex® discs have diamond crystals wrapped around the edge of the disc to avoid "black marks" during carving procedures.

Finishing & Polishing

Two Striper® Diamond Finishing Strips

Hand-held autoclaveable diamond finishing instrument strips away enamel from adjacent proximal surfaces and features an uncoated "safe center" to provide easy access through contact points.


With extremely tight contacts, Compo-Disc® can improve access for safe-sided, edge and face-cutting.


With its optimal concentration of micron-sized diamond particles, Luminescence® is a single-gel diamond polishing system that polishes all restorative surfaces in minutes – even porcelain.

Composite Burs


The innovative composite bur made of zircon-rich glass fiber features permanent abrasive power for minimal invasive dentistry, removing cement and stains from tooth surface with no damage to enamel, ceramics or soft tissues.

Fiber Posts


Snowpost® & Snowlight®

With their elastic modulus and flexural strength close to dentin, Snowpost® & Snowlight® posts follow the movement of the tooth, preventing tensions, fractures and other problems. Their white root canal coloring meets all demands of aesthetic dentistry.


Carbopost® is a fiber reinforced composite post that's as strong as metal and reduces shear stress by 50% by transmitting stress progressively and regularly.


Clean a Diamond


Use the Clean-A-Diamond® Mini-Square™; chair side to unclog your coarse and medium grit Two Striper® diamonds to extend life and restore rapid cutting.